Getting Robbed Blind

A Simple No Foldem Holdem Blind Strategy

Playing the blinds is challenging regardless of what level hold 'em game you are playing. Since you are forced to make your initial bet before you see your cards you will very often be playing non-premium hands before the flop, and many times you'll have to make a decision about whether or not to continue in the face of one or more raises.

How you play the blinds can often be the difference between winning or losing.

The blinds, which are typically one small bet in the big blind and one half small bet in the small blind (typically a $3 bet BB and $1 bet SB in a $3/$6 game) have some big disadvantages.

Here's our advice for playing the blinds in a loose passive low limit game:

Most of the time you will be folding your blinds, either before the flop in response to raises or after the flop in response to having a marginal (or worse) hand.