Online Poker Deposit Methods

Making a deposit to activate a live table account through online card rooms can be done several ways. Although credit cards are listed as an option, many banks will not allow deposits  to gaming sites online. Below is a list of the options available through most card rooms, with notes about their services.  My own personal notes are listed with some of the descriptions. Hopefully this will be of service to you when choosing between services.

PrePaidATM The PrePaidATM Card is the only Card that can be used on the Internet for purchasing goods and services where the website does not know your card number. The only information a website receives is your account code. No names, personal information or the number of your Card is ever given. This is PRIVACY!
NETeller NETeller provides the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online. We provide same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers. You pay no charges for transfers to and from Merchants. Fast. Easy. Free.
FirePay FirePay is a Web based cash account. Fund your FirePay account directly from your U.S. bank account, and immediately pay with the deposited funds. It's FREE to sign up. Website says it's free to make deposits. It is not. $1.50 to process transactions. $10.00 to withdraw funds. My least favorite payment processor. Least favorite for customer service and least favorite for just about anything you can name. If you have a choice, go with NETeller or Citadel.
ePassporte ePassporte allows you to withdraw cash in any country in the their local currency at ATMs. It also allows you to make purchases at PIN-based merchants worldwide. To obtain an ePassporte account you are not required to go through a credit approval process. Just join online with your current credit card. Transferring money between ePassporte members is immediate. All you need is the email address of the other ePassporte account holder that you want to send money to. It is fast, safe and affordable.
Citadel Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks is an easy payment method for the millions of consumers in the U.S. who don’t have credit cards or have reached their limit. Internet customers who wish to pay by check simply select the Citadel Commerce electronic check option and enter the requested bank account information. Citadel Commerce encrypts the data, and transmits it to their secure server for posting. Transactions are typically settled within 72 hours, if processed before 3:00 PM CST, and most merchants have money in the bank before any products are shipped.
eCashDirect ECash Direct (UK) Limited ("ECash Direct") offers a full suite of payment solutions for the Internet. All transactions are processed in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling (£), Euros (€) or currency equivalent. ECash is a legal form of computer-based currency that can be securely purchased and withdrawn by credit card, cheque, certified cheques, wire transfer, money order and Electronic Cheque Processing (ECP). Users can also deposit to and withdraw from their ECash Direct account using several third-party merchants' payment solutions. For cashout: Withdrawal fees apply depending on the method of transfer.
Bank Wire Transfer Your casino account will be credited when the receipt of your transaction is received . Depending on the location, this may take anywhere up to 5 days. Most casinos charge no fees for payment processing through bank wire transfers, and will contact you via email once the deposit to your account is completed.
Electronic Check Electronic Check Processing lets universities, government agencies, utilities, retailers and other businesses offer customers the option of using their checking account to make payments online. There may be a processing fee and a time delay to access the funds until the check has cleared. For cashing out, there may be significant fees to have funds withdrawn and a check sent via mail with extended waiting time depending on the location of the casino.