Southern California Casinos

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Commerce Casino
3161 E Telegraph Road
Commerce, CA 90040

Commerce is one of the larger Southern California casinos. 

They spread Texas Hold 'em from 1-2 through 40-80.

Bicycle Casino
7301 Eastern Ave.
Bell Gardens, CA 90201

The Bicycle Casino is huge and is currently going through major remodeling.  Games are spread at all limits and they run daily tournaments (including frequent limit and no-limit Hold 'em)


Hollywood Park Casino
3883 West Century Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90303

This is the sister (or mother) casino to Crystal Park.

Crystal Park Casino
123 E. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220

At one point in time Crystal Park ran a host of poker games as well as the other standards in California (Pai Gow, 21st Century Blackjack, etc.)  At the end of April during prime time they had two 3-6 Hold 'em tables going and one 4-8 Hold 'em table.

Very depressing.

Normandie Casino and Showroom
1045 W Rosecrans Ave.
Gardena, CA 90247

Normandie is not as large as the Bicycle or Commerce casinos, but it an excellent cardroom with very good low limit action.  The 3-6 through 6-12 limits are especially action packed.

Hustler Casino
1000 W Rodando Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA

Hustler is a fairly new casino in Southern California.  They spread 3-6+ Hold 'em games and have a very classy and unique circular casino layout.

Ocean's Eleven Casino
121 Brooks Street
Oceanside, CA 92054

Down south near San Diego the Ocean's 11 isn't particularly large, but is very popular with locals.  You can usually find a challenging game here, unfortunately that's not exactly what you should be looking for.

The following casinos were added at the suggestion of a LLHSAT Visitor who goes by "Jake"...

I would like to comment that Vejias is the biggest card room in SD with some of the best action and best players. Sycuan is full of bet on nothing and see you on the river type players, but there's a lot of sharks that swim in that poker room. College is the cleaner and nicer of the two card rooms down in SD that I've visited, but if you go to Palomar, (It's only got three table and usually only one game going) tell them that Jake sent you.

Vejias Casino

5000 Willows Road, Alpine, CA 91901
Phone 800.84.POKER

Pala Casino

In northern San Diego County, Pala is located 15 miles north of Escondido, 12 miles south of Temecula, just 5 miles east of I-15 on SR 76.

Barona Casino

How to Get to Barona
From Los Angeles

Travel south on I-5.
Exit onto 805 traveling south.
Follow I-8 to 67 north.
Follow Hwy 67 north to Willow Rd.
Turn right on Willow Rd.
Turn left onto Wildcat Canyon Rd.
Follow Wildcat Canyon Rd. for approximately 6 miles.
Barona Casino will be on the left.

Sycuan Casino

Directions from Los Angeles and San Diego's North County

Take interstate 5 South to 805 or 15 South.
Then go East on interstate 8
Exit to El Cajon Blvd.
Go 3 blocks and make a right on Washington Avenue.
Follow Washington through El Cajon where it turns into Dehesa Road.
Continue on Dehesa Road for 5 miles, past the Singing Hills Resort.
Turn right to stay on Dehesa Road at the Harbison Canyon intersection, and follow the signs to Sycuan.

Morongo Casino

Agua Casino

The Agua Caliente Casino is located at the intersection of Bob Hope Drive and Ramon Road at the I-10 in Rancho Mirage. Daily shuttle service is available to and from downtown Palm Springs and area resorts.
Call (760) 321-2000 for more information

Chumash Casino

3400 Highway 246
Santa Ynez, CA 93460-9405
Phone: (805) 686-0855, ext. 866
FAX: (805) 686-8671

Lot's of poker 24/7.


These additional casinos and updated information provided by Scott Raesz

The Village Club

Location: 429 Broadway San Diego(a google search will find it as well)
Games: Hold'em: 3-6, 4-8, 6-12,8-16, 20-40, No Limit
Omaha(Hi/lo): 2-4?, 3-6, 8-16
All games are "kill" games with the exception of no limit, I can't
remember if the 20-40 goes to a kill pot or not.
Also Paigow and blackjack in the other room

Quality of the games:

This is also known as the standard NO FOLD'EM. Everyone playing plays too many hands and chases to the river. DO NOT BLUFF in this game unless the board comes down completely ugly. Better yet DON'T BLUFF. Playing premium hands is difficult in that you will be raised quite often in order to "build the pot". This induces the weaker hands to come in and rapidly deplete your percentage of winning the pot. Play if you like. I would rather flip coins for the money. Great game for those with beginners luck.

This is a great game for those who have progressed past the lower low limit games. Better players, however there are those who will still chase
foolishly. Beware of slowplayers.

Haven't played in it yet.

Middle Limit and NO Limit
Bring your house payment, last three months bankroll and all the luck charms you can find. Depending on the time of day and the nature of the game, You can either win lots of dough or lose your ass. Early in the day, 2 am-ish, if you can tolerate drunks which are easily goaded out of their money due to the fact that most men get overly aggressive when they are drunk, you can reap the whirlwind of your life. There is generally over $20k on the table. Don't let this scare you though. All you need to play and win is $400. Play the way you have learned from reading all the necessary reading and you will be fine.

NO Limit:
I have not played in this game for quite sometime now. A bad experience with People chasing cards they shouldn't have even been calling with has led me to believe the game isn't very friendly to the decent or to the better
players. I was told that the game has gotten very big and pots around $3600 have been won, this being one of the smaller one's I should probabaly go back and see if its the same game.

Fun to play as most Omaha games are. Beginners game with the limits being low expect hands to be calling and catching way more than you would expect.

Bring a bankroll for the swings, you'll need it. This game is a fun yet
demanding. You had better know what your doing when you step into this ring.


The Lucky Lady

Location: 5526 El Cajon Blvd (off college ave).

Games: 3-6, 4-8, 8-16
3-6 and 4-8 are No Fold'em the same as at Village club listed above, only
difference is the players are capable of folding.

THIS IS A VERY TOUGH GAME. If you don't know what a tough game is then don't worry about playing in it until you find out and can play your ass off every time you play. This game is not for Recreational players if the plan to recreation for long.