Who This Site is For

This site is for beginning and intermediate Texas Hold'em players.

Advanced players who aren't used to playing under extremely loose conditions can also benefit from our content. If you feel that your tight, aggressive play isn't paying dividends, then you should definitely try our plan to play strong multiway hands that will make a lot of your decisions at the poker table easier.

One Learn to Play

If you are an absolute beginner

The video below, hosted by famous poker player Phil Gorden, will give you the basic rules of Texas Holdem. The video talks about No-Limit Holdem, but the rules are essentially the same as limit Holdem and is a great primer for people with no knowledge of the game.

If you don't know how to play Texas Hold 'em you can view this very complete instructional video from poker pro Phil Gordon

One caveat is that he is describing No Limit Texas Holdem. The rules for limit Texas Holdem are exactly the same except each bet or raise you make is limited and the bet size doubles on the turn. For example in a $3-$6 Holdem game the first two betting rounds (before the flop and on the flop) are for exactly $3 each. If you raise you raise exactly $3. On the turn and river card the bet size is $6 so you bet or raise exactly $6 (instead of being able to bet all your chips at once).

Play lots of hands

For the absolute beginners there is nothing better than just getting out there and playing a bunch of hands with other real people to get into the swing of the game. You can sign up at any of the sites on our Online Poker Rooms and play for free (without even providing any personal information).

Is Poker for you?

One advantage of playing lots of hands is that you can see how much you enjoy the game of poker over the course of hundreds or even thousands of hands. It might turn out that poker's not the game for you, but you still enjoy gambling in which case you may want to try another skill based gambling outlet like Canada Sports Betting to satisify your desire to play but also avoid purely luck based gambles.

Two Read This Site

Hey, you're here anyhow, why not read some stuff

Work your way down the topics listed on the home page and try to understand the reasoning behind them. If you disagree with something--great at least you are thinking! At a minimum look at our starting hand selections (which are geared to extremely loose play games) and then read through the betting round sections Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn and River. You will also want to look at our Articles and Essays and Traps and Pitfalls sections for lots of unique and helpful content to improve your winnings.

Real poker means adjusting to unique situations as they arise--there is no one hard and fast rule for playing. We describe a strategy here for playing successfully in no-fold'em hold'em games (and it is a strategy that works) but it is not the only strategy. As you progress through the limits to tighter and tighter games your strategy will have to change.

Three Play for Real

Test your poker skills online for real money

After you can consistently beat a play-money table you're ready to try real money. Many of the poker rooms listed in our online poker rooms section have games as low as 1c-2c (that's one penny, two penny!) so you can ease into real money play with very minimal risk.

We also have a growing list of online funding methods to give you some information about exactly how you can put money in your poker account and detailed information on what you should look for in an online poker room.

If you live in the United States your choices for playing online are limited because of the 2006 UIGEA bill which caused some online cardrooms to jump ship from the US market, and then on Friday April 15, 2011 (a day known in online poker circles as "Black Friday" which is not to be confused with the biggest shopping day of the year) the US Department of Justice effectively caused the top three US serving cardrooms to stop their business with US players. US Players can still play at several very good online poker sites which include America's Cardroom and Bovada Poker.

Remember you can play at all of these cardrooms for FREE (try them out and find the one you like). And free means free--you do not have to provide any billing information or make any deposit to set up a play money account while you try them out.

Four Analyze Your Game

Use these tools to find out where you're weak and fix it

We highly recommend you keep detailed logs of your poker sessions. Two tools will definitely take your poker game to the next level and can pay for themselves almost instantly. The first is Holdem Manager which is THE premier hand database with superb analysis features. Almost EVERY professional online player uses this tool. The second is Poker Table Ratings which will let you buy as many as a million of the most recent hands at the online poker room of your choice, which means you get more solid information on your very first hand to make informed decisions from.

Five Other Resources

You can also check out our Quality Poker Links page which contains links to some of the best poker sites on the internet (this isn't a link exchange page, we actually think these sites are worth visiting). If we've missed one that you're fond of, leave us some feedback using our Contact Us page. Finally be sure to check out the Low Limit Poker Forum where you can get feedback on your game (and give your own tips) for a large number of active members.