Poker Book and Software Reviews

  • Poker Table Ratings

    Online Service, Purchasable Hand Histories

    There is one place on the internet to see any player's statistics (are they winning? losing? are they on tilt?) and even download fresh hand histories from all the major online poker rooms, and this is it.

  • The Psychology of Poker

    by Alan N. Schoonmaker, Ph.D., Reviewed by Chris Hughes

    How to take advantage of your opponents psychological tendencies and reduce the effect of your own.

  • Ace on the River

    by Barry Greenstein

    Not so much a strategy guide as a profession poker player's handbook.  A must have book for the serious poker player's library.

  • Amarillo Slim's Play Poker to Win

    by Amarillo Slim

    The last word in strategy? No.  Some great poker stories?  You bet pardner.

  • Winning Low Limit Hold 'em 3rd Edition

    by Lee Jones

    This is the low limit go-to book for strategy and tactics at extremely loose hold 'em games.

  • More Hold 'em Excellence (A Winner for Life)

    by Lou Krieger

    An excellent and well written text for beginning and intermediate Texas Hold 'em players