Party Poker

Ever since Party Poker started running the Party Poker Million Tournament they've attracted more players than any other card room.  Party stopped allowing players from the United States in 2006 when the UIGEA illegal gambling enforcement act was passed. Before they left the US market they were 4 times larger than their nearest competitor. If you aren't in the United States this is still one of the best places to play poker with lots of loose play online. Party hasn't rested on their laurels and continues to improve its software and player incentives. The good news for Low Limit players is that you can find loose play at practically every limit with only a little bit of table browsing.

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The New Interface

Party Poker Lobby

Party Poker recently revamped their Lobby and Table interfaces.  The Lobby interface shown to the left now provides a dashboard-like interface with information on your account, and, most importantly, table information broken down by game and limit.

Finding a table is now easier than ever thanks to their new Lobby, Quick Search and Favorites area. You can preview table action before you actually sit down, and they also offer a quick-seat option which lets you sit down and start playing in 3 seconds!

The bottom line is a great looking lobby literally packed with information.

Party Poker Holdem Table

The individual tables no longer sport the same goofy avatars as always. You can now upload your own avatar (like PokerStars/Absolute poker) or use on of their predesigned logos to capture your poker personaqlity. Tables can be fully resized and multitabling is now easier than ever to manage: you can open new tables directly from the table you're sitting at, arrange them at will, and create custom alerts.

Game speed is very decent at Party, and because of the sheer number of players you can always find a juicy table to sit at.

Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpots

Party Poker has recently started running "Bad Beat Jackpot" tables.  An additional 50 cents is raked from each pot and placed directly in the progressive bad beat jackpot pool.  The jackpot is won when 4 8's or better are beaten and both hands use both hole cards (an example of a board with a jackpot would be:

Seven of Diamonds Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds   Nine of Hearts   Two of Spades
Flop   Turn   River

If Player 1 has a straight flush using both of their hole cards

Jack of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds
Hole Cards

And Player 2 has four 9's using both of their hole cards

Nine of Clubs Nine of Spades
Hole Cards

then the 70% of the jackpot is awarded (with 20% seeding the next jackpot pool and 10% going to administration fees).  The losing high hand gets 50% of the prize pool and the winning high hand gets 25%... The remaining 25% is distributed to the other players at the table that were dealt cards during the hand.  Recently the jackpot got up to over $400,000.00 which means that the actual awarded jackpot would have been about $300k of which the high hand loser (four nines) would get half (about 150k) and the high hand would get a quarter (about 75k) and then the remaining 75k would be distributed to the other players at the table (10k each at a full table).

The administration fee of 10% may seem high, but compared to brick and mortar rooms where there is no accounting of how much administration fee they collect (and it is more than 10% believe me) it's quite good.

If you want to play at a table like this you can focus on suited connectors and pocket pairs 8 or over.  These are also hands that play strongly at a typical loose low limit table.