If It Smells Like a Rant...

Enough Already!

I've spent the last few days going from site to site to see what's up in the poker community and to visit the newcomers and perhaps add them to the list of sites here at Low Limit Hold 'em Strategy and Tactics.  Almost without exception every new page that exists is devoid of content or style or any reason to exist.

Catch Me If You Can

On one page a popup appeared, which you may be surprised to find out annoys me.  However this popup went the extra mile and ran from my mouse pointer as I attempted to close it.  Finally I chased the little sucker down and got rid of it and then a blood vessel burst in my brain and I died.

It's bad enough that I keep getting mail telling me how to make my penis longer or how to get in touch with a naughty schoolgirl who's dying to meet me--I don't want to experience all of that while looking for poker information and yet that's just what I'm getting.

Tips On Playing Hold 'em

After leaving the mouse dexterity test site I visited a web site that offered some important strategy tips on playing Texas Holdem. Item number one: "If there is not a pair on the board it is impossible for there to be a full house." With tips like these who needs enemies?

Perhaps Someone Will Accidentally Click?

Far more typical are the sites that contain nothing but poker room affiliate links spread out on the page like crash railing to prevent you from steering too far away from the tiny speck of real information contained within. Even sites that have really superb content suffer from this multilane freeway of advertising including sites I personally like to visit and would visit more except I keep going into epileptic seizures from the purple flashing graphics.

A Call Out!

This is a call out to my fellow strategy sites.  Yes you deserve to be paid for your efforts and for whatever information you provide.  Sure put affiliate links on your site.  They are here and they are necessary.  Agreed.  However, just think about what you are doing.  Is your home page 90% flashing logos and 10% information?  How about your entire site? Are you providing a service to the poker community or are you looking to cash in without providing squat?

At one time there were pages of flashing links on the site.  People were treated to perhaps some unwanted eye candy.  I understand the temptation.  It doesn't work.  There is a happy medium.  Find it.  Please.