Turbo Texas Hold'em v5.0 Advisor Profile


Configuring a profile in Turbo Texas Hold'em is a time consuming process. We've received numerous requests to provide the profile we used to perform the analysis see on our Turbo Texas Hold'em analysis page.  We're doing that.

We don't claim that this profile is error free or that it performs optimal strategy.  Specifically this profile was designed to test the starting hand selections from this site and may not perform as well as you or I after the flop.  We welcome modifications to this profile as long as you provide them to us so that we can share them with the users of this site.


The profile is distributed in a zip file which contains 3 other small files.  These files need to be extracted in your WHOLDEM folder which is normally installed in C:\WHOLDEM.  This profile will overwrite profile #46 on your system so if you want to save that profile you should do that before you download and install this file.

In addition the description of the profile will have to be manually entered on the Turbo Texas profile screen for entry 46 once you have installed these files.  Call it "LLHSAT Advisor" and then we'll all be looking at the same thing!

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