About Us

Low Limit Holdem Strategy and Tactics came online in the middle of the year 2000 to help players be more successful in the extremely prevalent loose/passive games in Southern California. Since that time we've added a large amount of material in the form of our Articles and Essays to our original loose Holdem strategy and also created spin-off sites for Seven Card Stud and Omaha.

We receive a number of requests from online casinos, sportsbooks, online poker rooms etc. to join affiliate programs or provide advertising on this site, so with that in mind here is the scoop:

Online Poker Rooms

In almost all cases we have hand-selected the online poker rooms we want to affiliate with. If you believe your poker room offers something unique that we are perhaps missing then you are welcome to try to convince us. Otherwise you are probably wasting your time by asking if we want to join your affiliate program. The answer is that we do not.

Non Commercial Sites (Poker Information and Strategy)

If you have a content rich non commercial site that is related to Texas Holdem, or provides information, software, and the like to people who play Texas Holdem then in almost all cases we will list your site in our Poker Links section. We kindly ask that you return the favor on your site. In most cases we already have your site listed on our Quality Poker Links page.

The exception to this are sites that provide no or almost no content and exist solely to provide affiliate links and nothing else. If this describes your site then please find some unique content and then send us a note!

Other Advertising

At one point we didn't accept advertisments on the Low Limit sites, but times are tough and we need to sell out a little to keep things going, pay for our dedicated web server and bandwidth, etc. With that in mind, here are our current rates (note these will be going up soon as we are very actively improve the sites and their reach and value).

Banner Ads (3 month minimum period)

$180/quarter for http://www.lowlimitholdem.com
$150/quarter for http://www.lowlimitomaha.com
$120/quarter for http://www.lowlimitstud.com

Text Links (3 month minimum period)

$75/quarter for http://www.lowlimitholdem.com
$60/quarter for http://www.lowlimitomaha.com
$45/quarter for http://www.lowlimitstud.com

Blog Side Links (3 month minimum period)

$60/quarter for http://www.lowlimitblog.com
$45/quarter for http://www.lowlimitaffiliate.com

Permanant Posts (one time payment)

$150/post for http://www.lowlimitblog.com
$100/post for http://www.lowlimitaffiliate.com
$100/forum post for http://www.lowlimitforum.com

We accept payment (within 4 hours of putting your ad up on our site(s)) through PayPal to [email protected] and I can usually get your text link(s) up immediately once payment is received.

Banners You Can Use

Note, please copy these images and use them directly from your server.  Low Limit Hold'em Strategy and Tactics is set up to prevent (or at least discourage) hot linking from our servers.